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Admintotal is a Mexican company located in Hermosillo, Sonora , Mexico. They sell a cloud-based administration software that allows you to manage your company from any mobile device.

The company is all about supporting SMEs,In Mexico there are approximately 4 million 15 thousand companies of which 99.8% are SMEs with a range of between 1 and 130 employees. Which is a clear signal that we must put attention to this type of companies and the same as they really are: the basis of the Mexican economy.

Admintotal believes in a chance, in a world where not only big companies rule the world; they believe that local is more powerful, and economically supportive for a country. Hence they believe that they can make a better country by supporting each local business. Lack of administration is one of the primary problems of why SMEs fail, Admintotal provides a software to facilitate the administration process with its built-in modules.

They wanted a unique brand where people can stand out from their competitors. A brand that looks welcoming, professional and supportive that comes along with a user-friendly (simple, clean, intuitive and reliable) software. They wanted a new logo can be easily recognized. The logo was created in a modern and abstract shape, it attracts attention and is also easy to recognize, the logo looks friendly and a software which experience must be easy to understand, straight forward and not to be intimidating for people who aren’t tech-savy, they needed a product that looks inviting. Every corner of the triangle represents the connection between 3 devices: smartphones, tablets and desktops. Also the icon looks like a cursor which represents the 'web' part of it. Without mentioning that the icon has the letter 'A' shape which symbolizes Admintotal's first letter. To finalize the design of the logo icon, it also represents an arrow pointing up which indicates that if a company adopts Admintotal, the company will improve and progress.