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Goal Pro is wearable technology that allows professional soccer players to track their activities on field. It’s a soccer shoe which players will wear everyday for training and will track performance allowing the user to knowing if they have improved, or been hurt in the field.

Problem Statement:

Soccer Players need to monitor their training because they need to track performance.


“I am building a fire, every day I train I add more fuel”

Everything in my life goes around training on field

“I wasn’t good enough to be a professional soccer player, eventually this became my goal in life”


  • Kick the ball

  • Practice

  • Training

  • Respect sleeping hour

  • Doctor Appointments

  • Run

  • Gym

  • Penalty Kicks/Spot Kicks

  • Drink Water/Gatorades


  • Studs

  • Excellent control skills

  • Physical strengh

  • Agility

  • Stamina

  • Strong Speed

  • Acceleration


  • Anxious

  • Proud

  • Nervous

  • Happy

  • Angry

  • Frustrated

  • Stressed

  • Passion

  • Confidence


  • Need to get better

  • Never good enough

  • Always improving

  • Motivational thoughts

  • Everyday is a new goal