V for Vendetta

V for Vendetta is an amazing movie. I wanted to show the the revelation between V against the government. The colour scheme is appropriate for this concept since the film is dark, full of action and representation of the blood shed by the government since they made experiments, testing, and other horrible tortures to people.

The Phantom of the Opera + Quote Book

The Phantom of the Opera is a novel by French writer Gaston Leroux also well known by the movie and play by Andrew Lloyd Webber, which is dark, full of passion and very dramatic. It takes place in the Belle Epoque era which is at the same time as the Victorian and Edwardian Era. I noticed all posters are mostly dark and wanted to create something different by thinking 'outside the box' and for people not to get tired of the same old dark poster, so I decided to innovate But without taking away either the meaning or the essence of an amazing story.

The quote book isn't exactly a book. I wanted to recreate the notes/letters the Phantom used to send to the managers of the Opera Populaire by creating 32 quotes said by the main characters. Each character has a different typography to represent their personality, the Phanton has a very old opera type of font while Christine's is handmade and cursive.

Algonquin’s movie night “The dark knight”

During the school year the school makes events for students and one of them is movie night. I designed a different concept inspired by the retro batman comic books.