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Park Here

Problem Statement: Driver needs a way to find parking, Interestingly, driver needs affordable parking

ParkHere concept it is mainly focused on promoting additional parking space at a more reasonable price, as well as providing ease of payment, in a metropolitan area. The main goal is to exploit and advertise additional spaces available for vehicle parking. The users are residential property owners or tenants, commercial space owners or tenants and parking lot operators.

The application will consist of an online based parking meter and a parking spot locator using an online map, making these spaces available and visible for parking seekers whenever and wherever.Parking spots will be available for short or long period of time.

Charges will be made with a charge-by-time based system similar to a parking meter. ParkHere main source of income will be commission based. A small percentage of the parking charge earned by the parking providers will be deducted every time a transaction occur between the parking providers  and the parking seekers.

Benefits will be brought to communities by using ParkHere. The application will provide more options for parking, since there are thousands of spaces available all over the city that are unexploited by their owners. Secondly the system will contribute to promote cluster parking.

 Which will allow the citizens of Ottawa to have fluent traffic by preventing concentration of vehicles in public or private parking lots. It will also contribute to the mix of car and public transportation commute. By allowing citizen to park their car near their most convenient train station or bus stop and taking their most convenient and less time consuming bus route.

There is not much competition offering this type of service. The companies offering somewhat the same type of services are classified web sites. However, they’re not as specialized, and do not offer the features of a parking locator and online based parking meter system. All in one application.

The closest competitor is the city of Ottawa that do have an smartphone payment feature. However, they do not provide their user with availability of a parking space and parking finding. In addition, their role is to manage and maintain parking lots and parking spaces. Which gives tremendous amount of operation cost which includes: Property related cost, snow removal , parking equipment maintenance, enforcement  of parking regulation and other expenses.

The costs that the city of Ottawa has to cover, does not exists in ParkHere operations.

Simply because ParkHere concept consist of promoting facilitating interaction between parking providers and parking seekers. Most importantly allowing everyone to make extra money by exploiting their available parking spaces   

That is what makes the tool one of a kind.


ParkWhiz Allows you to shop for, reserve and pre-pay for a parking spot near your destination. Even generates a scan code where available. Promises savings of up to 60 percent.

ParkingPanda This app sets itself apart by partnering with a slew of professional sports leagues, stadiums and family attractions so you can find a spot near your event. A referral program lets users earn free parking.

SpotHero Similar to the other apps, SpotHero lets you book and pay for your parking spot via your phone, but it also promotes its exclusive deals with parking facilities, and discounts of up to 50 percent passed on to the user.

Parker This app helps you find paid parking, or navigate local street parking rules by your destination. Includes a handy timer to help you avoid tickets and garage fees.

BestParking This app claims to have 850,000 monthly users, and originally focused on helping drivers find parking at off airport lots at 105 North American airports. Today BestParking is one of the largest sites for general parking garages in 110 cities around the country.

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Say & Do

Parking is too far away, Is not worth it to go down ton driving, Hard to find parking


Cars,People, Buses, Taxis ,Cars driving in circles


Usually people Uber, Busing is cheaper, Busing is faster, People have been late to important meeting

Think & feel

Annoyed, Frustration, Angry, Stressful, Wasting time


Other people park really badly. Too much gas is wasted by looking for parking. In some parking spots they're 12 $ for 2 hours when minimum salary is 11.50$ an hour; People need to stop what they’re doing to go back to the parking meter to extend their time; Some people need to rent expensive parking spots to be able to go to work;People spend a lot of money when parking


Cheaper parking, Closer parking ,Parking finder, save money

Persona 1: Chris Lauren

Chris is a freshman university student. He just got his new car since he lives quite far from the University. Apparently parking spaces are not quite affordable costing 800$ per year. He has tried hard to find more affordable parking spaces around but they only allow you to park for a maximum of 3 hours, so he constantly needs to be moving his car or coming back to the parkometer and extend the time. He already been late to class and has gotten 3 tickets this month which now he has to fight at court for lack of parking spaces around the city.

The app will help him rent out an affordable and closer space to school allowing him to save money and saving time by not moving his car.

Persona 2: Vanessa Johns

Vanessa works downtown Ottawa. She just got a new job on Elgin st. but doesn’t include parking space. She has to drive 1.5 hours before her shift starts to be able to find parking if she wants to avoid parking at city hall. Most of the time she parks at city hall paying 17$ a day for a parking spot. Which is 85 dllrs a week. She is thinking about changing jobs due the lack of parking space.

The app will help her to find more affordable parking space, and be willing to rent the same space for a month. For her not to have to stress about being late to work, walk long distances and save money.