Problem Statement: Buildings need to automate/control light.

Light inspires us and we have got used to light with blinds but they create glare and heat that can be uncomfortable for your workspace. Windowlogy allows you to automate shades, tints , display video, project opacity, transparency, colour, even logos.

With Windowlogy you can get that amazing view back, you feel more comfortable, inspired, and you can create a more dynamic workspace. Hospitals can harvest daylight for their patience for healing. You can automate opacity for certain times of day and also it helps to interfere with the see-through from the outside but complete visible from the inside and instantly becomes private. on your window by adding what I like to call “Spaces”.

Windowlogy helps buildings to automate shades, change tints , or display videos or pictures on your window by adding spaces either in a conference room, bedroom or office.

Users: Businesses, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Automotive Industry, & Households

Say & Do

Light is to bright can’t focus or can’t read a book, Need less light to focus , Room Privacy, Broke into my house to steal, Open/close curtains for light management


People, Objects inside a car, Blinders, Curtains, Valuables


Usually people buy curtains for privacy, Blinders are annoying not stylish, Send windows to get tinted, Getting tinted windows is expensive

Think & feel

Annoyed, Frustrated, Broke, Blinded


Too much money is spent in tinted windows, $200 for basic tints, Blocking 99% of UV light, window film will also act as a “sunscreen”, People don’t have much privacy at their offices.


Cheaper windows, Accessibility, Control, Save Money


Persona 1: Sophie Aniston

Sophie is a teacher at Algonquin College School of Media and Design in Ottawa. Every morning she has 3hr class where 1 hour is focus on her Keynote and the rest of the time students work. She finds herself fixing the blinds of the classroom everyday for her presentation for a darker space and re opening for a more dynamic work field.

This app will help Sophie to create a more dynamic work field for her students, she will be able to automate shades and set a time each morning the exact time for her presentation and save time. Also she will be able to fix the light in the room depending on what her students are working on.

Persona 2: Ella Moore

Ella just retired due a heart disease. She has been in the hospital for a month. Two days ago, she just had an operation. Nowadays, her action is not very convenient, she constantly needs help from a nurse and it affects her mood.

The app will help light to impact human health and performance by enabling performance of visual tasks, controlling the body’s circadian system, affecting mood and perception, and by enabling critical chemical reactions in the body.

Persona 3: David Smith

David worked as a corporate account manager for over 8 years. As leader, David is busy coordinating relationships with the clients and staff. From that aspect, he has good communication skills with clients and employees. Everyday he has meetings with clients as his office. His office space is very limited so there’s not a lot of meeting rooms and they are constantly booked. As a good manager he has good moral qualities. it means he has strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, adherence to client secrets.

Windowlogy will improve David’s privacy in meeting rooms or in his own personal office, by shading his smart windows, clients will feel more comfortable speaking in a more private environment.